80% Students Still Preferred Engineering As A Career Option

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Even the education discourse seems to be changing towards non-predictable career choices, but engineering is still the most popular career choice In India. According to a survey almost 80% of students in India want to take admission in Engineering.

This Report Published in a Press trust of India, the countries like India attract huge number of students towards engineering as said in report. “For example, in both India and Turkey, around 80 per cent of 16-17-year olds say that they are interested in engineering,” the report added.

In India Students are so interested in Engineering because it’s offers a high earning jobs, the Report Said “I am reassured that the ‘Create the Future’ report confirms engineering outputs are valued around the world and considered genuinely life-changing. I see a number of people who see engineering as a great way to contribute to society,”

According to report interest in engineering is higher in boys as compare to girls. The report also said 57% students of world think that engineering is key of solving any problems in the worlds.

Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys India said, “Globalization is changing things. While much of the developed world continues to experience moderate interest in engineering careers, emerging economies are providing a new breeding ground for engineers.”

So in short after all the economic crises engineering is still the most likable career option around the World.


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