90 % of Indian students taking benefits of online Courses

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According to a report of times of India almost 51,954 People were involved in online Courses education system which is higher than the global average. MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) that have come in India 4 year ago and in this 4 year MOOC achieved a good rate of successes thousands of students involved in this.

This time so many universities and web portals are offering online courses for the students. Because of this Indian students able to study from anywhere which also help us to increase literacy rate. Indian People in this survey out-performed others by having highest benefits rate which is 91% as against the global average of 88% and 68%. In India almost 30 % more Indian learners are likely to take admission in this Process.

Online education courses are big change in our education culture and we are slowly creating a strong base for the youth of our nation. Online education provides flexibility in education no matter “where are you” and “who are you” you can any time any place.

In India So many People are still living in villages with lake of opportunities of higher education. And online courses are hope for them a these courses surely help them to achieve what they want to achieve so it’s a start of a good change in our traditional education system


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