State Board Agreed To Declare The Class 12th Result by May 31

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The state Boards agreed to declare the results of higher secondary examinations (Class 12) by May 31. This suggestion was given by HRD ministry to avoid delay in counseling process of JEE. In meeting all state education boards of India agreed to declare 12th class Result on or before 31 May.

This Meeting was called by the HRD Ministry to settle the problem of growing Problem among parents and their wards about the high cut-offs year after year. But they didn’t reach at any solution so now this issue discussed later at the meeting with senior ministry officials.

The Council of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE) would hold additional round of meeting in following month to convey the discussion.

However, State Boards agreed to declare 12th Class result till 31 may. Delay in declaring results by state boards can affect the counseling process. In meeting HRD Ministry also decide to set up three new committees, which look into adoption of best practices to check malpractices during the exams, the other would look into the teacher training aspect and the third will deliberate upon designing a core course curriculum.

Other agendas of meeting disused by the HRD Ministry but they didn’t reach on any conclusion so these topics discussed by the HRD Ministry in upcoming months.


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