University Of Jaffana, Srilanka Planning To Act With Indian Universities

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University of Jaffana is planning to act as a team with Indian Universities to boost cultural connections b/w two Nations. Vasanthi Arasarathnam the Vice chancellor of University taking the first step, the university has signed a Letter of Understanding with University of Madras.

According to officials India has provided a financial help of rs 600 million provided by India to the universities for good infrastructure and engineering courses.

M M M Najim, Vice-Chancellor of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, said in the conference women should be motivated to become entrepreneurs. He also said that many women had lost their husbands during the civil war in Lanka and they were looking for career opportunities. Some had gone for employment in foreign countries. So it’s going to really good for both nations.

According to our national news press the construction of Jaffna University has been started. The VC of National Institute of Technology Said, Women in India and Sri Lanka had similar lifestyle, duties and responsibilities. So just like in India women needs to become entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.



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