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IIT ban on 31 Startups Companies that went for Recruiting Students at Campus Placement Drives

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The All IIT Placement Committee decided to blacklist 31 companies by the Indian IITs and barred from taking part in the placement process this year. This one-year ban imposed after the firms revoked offer letters or delayed their joining dates, among other last-minute changes. The Surprising point is that Most of the barred companies are the startups in India.

More details about  ban on 31 Companies by IITs for Campus Placement 2016-17:

The Indian Institutes of Technology are considered best in terms of placement. Now, IITs barred 31 companies, including delivery service Grofers, baby clothing website Hopscotch, Portea Medical and a number of startups, from taking part in their campus recruitment drives. Coordinator of All-IIT Placement Committee Kaustubha Mohanty said they wanted to send a “strong message”.

According to a member of placement cell member from IIT-Bombay, they may release another list of companies who will be banned from recruiting from institutes for more than a year or even permanently. “We will hold discussions with the team and the placement in-charge. They released the List of banned companies form IITs.

Reasons of banning startsups and other firms are:

This is the first time the educational organisation has issued such a list. They were blacklisted for a year for “playing with the careers of students” by making last-minute changes to their offers, delaying joining dates, revoking offer letters or falsely hiring them for affiliates. Some of the firms come to recruit the students and then “dishonour their promise”.

A senior professor and member of the AIPC, which made the decision to blacklist these companies at IIT-Kanpur on 14th August, said around 135 students from across IITs were affected by these companies. A majority of the startups that we are blacklisting this year are those that had revoked their offers from institutes in Mumbai, Kharagpur and Roorkee,” the professor said, explaining that these branches have the largest share of students signing up for campus placements.

Companies that wish to participate in IIT campus placements after the one-year ban will first have to write to the AIPC convener and explain why they did not stand by their offers. Following this step, they will be asked to give a presentation and have a “one-to-one discussion” with all members of the committee, according to Mohanty, who is a professor at IIT-Guwahati.

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