Top 7 mistakes Parents make when reacting to Exam Results- Parents Behavior

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In India, Board Exam Results are considered as the fortune-teller for every student’s career. In comparison to the students, parents seem more anxious and tensed for the results to unfold. In most of the Indian states, the board results are announced almost at the same time and it creates an ambiance of tension and worry in the families.

During the exams, most of the student put their best efforts to make their parents proud. Abut for the parents; the only thing that matters is the ultimate result as they are frequently inquired by the relatives, neighbors and friends. This creates an upheaval of anxiety and tension among the students and parents. Due to this, the parents often commit some mistakes while reacting to their child’s result. The results of such mistakes are often devastating. It’s better to have a look at these mistakes to avoid the unwanted consequences.

 1. Comparison with the others: – Comparison brings the inferiority complex in the teens. With this inferiority complex, they unintentionally continue to perform badly in exams. This practise makes student life difficult for the students and they are not able to concentrate at all. Every parent needs to understand that board exams are not the end of the life. They have to believe in their child and support them in everything.

2. Misinterpretation of the situation and reacting negatively: – Generally, parents feel more pressure during the revelation of the exam result, which is completely understandable. But, the parents should understand the mind-state of their own child and they should not react badly at all. No matter what is going on in your mind, you should never greet your child with an angry look. Keeping a red faced look will only demoralise your ward. This reaction will leave an everlasting impression on your child and he will be scared throughout his life.


3. The fake promises: – Call it a general tendency or human nature; we always try to bribe others for getting our work done. The fake promises are one such kind of bribery, which parents offer to their child before the result is out. This might aggravate the mental condition of your child, as he or she might not cope-up with the results. The child will try his or best to convince that the results will be favoring one.

4. Not allowing the child to eat or drink properly: – During the exam time, the parents keep insisting their child to eat healthy but, this situation is reversed during the result time. Parents do not allow their child to eat or drink properly, which may result into making your child nervous. It is the duty of every parent to provide healthy food to their kids to give them a stress free time.

5. Restricting to meet friends: – The teens in the modern world simply hate restrictions all of all kind. During the college exam result or board exam result, parents ask their children to avoid their friends completely. This helps in intensifying the level of anxiety in the young child and they may take a wrong step. Meeting their friends will help them to reduce their level of stress and anxiety.


6. Repetition of similar questions: – How would anyone feel, if he/she will be asked his/her name again and again? You know the answer already. But in spite of knowing this, the parents annoy their ward by repeating same set of questions. Stop asking questions like:

Have you gone through all the notes during exam time?
Will you secure good marks or will you pass this board exam?

Rather, it is the duty of parents to believe in the caliber of their child and must believe that he or she will come out with flying colors.

7. Not allowing the child to play or watch TV: – Your child has already witnessed the tension of giving the board exams and it’s now time for him/her to relax a bit. But, many parents formulate a house rule that child will not go to play or don’t watch TV during the exam time. This can further upset the mental state of the child during this kind of period. Parents must allow some free time for their kids during board exam result time.


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