Thousands of Students Drop out of IITs, IIMs Institutes in the Last Two Years

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Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management are the Major Educational Institutes in India. All these IITs and IIMs serves their best for Indian Students. But, as per latest official reports, around 2,000 students dropped out of IITs and IIMs in the last two years. Getting Admissions into IIT and IIMs is tough as it involves clearing national-level entrance tests.  But, not all the students who join these institutions complete their courses for engineering or medical.

More than 2000 students drop out of IITs, IIMs in 2 years:

IITs & IIMs admissions process is very tough. Academic attrition is the highest at IIT-Delhi with 699 students dropping out between 2014 and 2016. It is followed by IIT-Kharagpur (544) and IIT-Bombay (143). “Most of those who leave the course are those pursuing PhDs,” said IIT-Bombay director Devang Khakhar. There’s no second thought in saying that the jobs market is a tough place for today’s graduates.

With the latest data on engineering sector, approximately 2.9 million candidates are seeking admission in about 6,214 engineering and technology institutions. To get the admission, in top college/institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management is like a dream as one has to clear national-level examination.

However, the most shocking fact about the students is that they were seen looking for admission in other courses.

Details about the IITs and IIMs Report:

  • Around 2,000 students dropped out of IITs and IIMs in the last two years.
  • Between 2014 and 2016, the highest dropout rate at IIT-Delhi with 699 candidates seeking admission in other programmes.
  • Moreover, at IIT-Kharagpur around 544 students dropped out followed by IIT-Bombay (143)
  • As per reports, 37 candidates dropped out between 2003 and 2005, the number rose to 69 between 2006 and 2008
  • Speaking to TOI correspondent, IIT-Bombay director Devang Khakhar said, “Most of those who leave the course are those pursuing PhDs”Meanwhile, an IIM Calcutta faculty member said, “Poor academic performance is one of the reasons. Apart from other institutes, the IIM-Raipur institute which got established six years ago saw the highest number of dropouts (20) in the last two years.

Steps taken by institutes to guide students in IITs and IIMs:

To solve this drop-out issue, IIM came up with a buddy programme, under which every fresher is mentored by a second year student. IIM Indore also has faculty mentors for academically weaker students. A faculty member if IIT also said there is guidance and counselling unit, headed by a faculty member to “identify students facing emotional difficulties and guide them.

As per former IIM-A director Bakul Dholakia statement, when students attend tea party which was hosted by the director on day one, it’s easy to identify the reserved category students. Once they attend the graduation farewell dinner, we can proudly say all the differences are erased.

Points to Note– Admissions process is very tough for IITs & IIMs.

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