No Detention Policy: Maharashtra suggests not to extend beyond Class 4

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Maharashtra on December 30, has Decide to improvise the No Detention policy. According to PTI reports, the suggestion was made at a Central Education Advisory Council’s sub-committee meeting of State Education Ministers where Vinod Tawde, Maharashtra’s Minister for School Education, said that the ‘No Detention Policy ‘ should not be extended beyond Class 4.

That means after the 4th class, there should be regular exams for the students. If the students fail in that exam then they should be given a chance to sit for re-examination within a month. If they fail to pass the re-examination then they should be inside in that particular class. Tawde also highlighted on special training for teachers to deal with the current ‘No Detention Policy’.

The ‘No Detention Policy’ was enforced on April 1, 2010 under the Right to Education Act with a meaning to confirm that every child among the age of six and 14 gets school education. According to reports, failing in class was one of the reasons for higher drop-outs in primary schools, especially among poor children.


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