Narendra Modi Raised the Issue of Students Visa in Front of Mr. Cameron

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As we all Know Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi become the first PM who addressed the crowd inside the Wembley Stadium, London.

Introducing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a massive crowd at London’s Wembley Stadium on Friday, British Prime Minister David Cameron rented his Saying ‘Acche Din (good times)’.

He said “Acche Din Aane Waale Hai, under Modi Acche Din Zaroor Ayenge”. Later these two great leaders discussed about the problem that world are facing now. They also hugged each other

During the chat with David Cameron, Narendra Modi raised student visa issue, According to Press Trust of India in past years Number of Indian students has decreased by nearly 50% in UK.

Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson advised that Indian Students are the brightest students in the world so it would be great for both countries if they learn something in England. The spokesperson added “He counseled that Indian students are among the best and the brightest in the world and it would be a win-win partnership for both sides. Indians needing a quality education and the UK benefiting from the expertise those Indian students bring,”

The Prime Minister also addresses this issue and he said “We are right now in a situation where countries are actually wooing Indian students because India has the biggest education market today. There’s a burgeoning middle class, there is an aspirational upper class that wants to educate its kids abroad and it’s an opportunity to tap into what has become a big economic market”

Later Mr. Cameron said on this: “This is a matter for continued discussion. I don’t think we can close the chapter on this.”


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