More Youngsters Registering Into Higher Education

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Youth of India showing more interest in higher education, according to a survey people of age 18 to 23 years are showing more interest in higher education. Reports say that the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in India has risen to 23.6 pe rcent in 2014-15 from 23 per cent a year before.

Here are the highlights of the survey:

  • Mostly people from age group of 18 to 23 years are joining for higher studies.
  • Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) gross to 23.6 per cent in 2014-15 from 23 per cent in 2013-2014
  • The total registration in Higher Education is projected to be 33.3 million with 17.9 million boys and 15.4 million girls
  • The GER for male population is 24.5 percent and for females is 22.7 percent
  • Teachers in 2014-2015. In 2013-2014, there were 65 female teachers per 100 male teachers

HRD minister Smriti Irani said “who revealed the survey report expressed her anxiety and asked MHRD to express schemes so that there are more women teaching in higher education institutions.” She also expressed her willingness to make the data collection faster for these surveys.

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