Kejriwal And his Government Scraps Management Quota In Nursery Admissions

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Arvind Kejriwal decides to shut down the process of management quota in Primary Admission. On 6th January 2016 in a press conference he said “There will be only 25 per cent of EWS and 75 per cent of seats will have to be made available for general public.”

However, Kejriwal highlighted that the court and government will never allow schools to reserve the seats under quota and said that any school not following the order may be de-recognized or can be taken over by the government.

Criticizing some of the other criteria set by the schools, Kejriwal Said that the government is striking down 62 debatable criteria. He mentioned that some schools were following random criteria which have not to be followed such as children whose parents are non-vegetarians, smoke or drink and giving extra points to those whose parents know painting and music. “These criteria are arbitrary, wrong and discriminatory, said Kejriwal.”

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