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India Ranks at 92 In A List Of Most Educated Country – Legatum Prosperity Index 2015

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India is the largest democracy of world but we don’t able to rank in top 10 countries when it comes to literacy rate. According to the Legatum Prosperity Index 2015, India is not even in top 50 countries when it comes to literacy rate. We rank at 92 Position among 142 Countries.

Education is the most vital need for any developing country. In education our country ranks 92, which is way behind of other developing countries. Other Developing counties like Phillipines (76), Malaysia (51), Sri Lanka (59) and many more rank better than us.

Top 10 Counties in the field of education according to the Legatum Prosperity Index.

1. Australia: Australia is the Number 1 Country in the field of education. In Australia government provide a free and open education system to the students that drive the sector of education in the Country.

2. Canada: the Developed North American Country Canada currently ranked at 2nd in field of education. In Canada most institute are publically funded by the government of Canada that reduces the cost of tuition fee. The Country also has a very good transport service which is especially dedicated for the students.

3. Denmark: Denmark has a very good and strong education system they implemented a tuition fee free education system for the students and because of these strong system this country ranks at 3rd position in the education field.

4. Netherlands: Netherlands is another European country along with the Denmark which has a very decent education system. This Country ranked at 4th in education field.

5. Norway: Norway has a literacy rate of 100% and has 0% failure cases since 2007. Because of this consistent education system they ranked at number 5th Position.

6. New Zealand: New Zealand has always included in the list of top Human Development Countries. New Zealand has following European education model since 1815. This year New Zealand ranked at 6th Position in Legatum index.

7. Finland: Finland applied some Major educational improvements around 40 years ago. This Country every year spends 2100 euros per capital for the good education. Now Finland has an almost 100 % Literacy rate and raked at 7th Position in Legatum index.

8. Ireland: Every year Ireland has producing more Literary geniuses than others. The country has a literacy rate of 99 % and Ireland is also had Highest attainments rates in Post-secondary education.

9. United States: America ranks at 9th Position in this List. United States also has a great rate of students who enroll in higher studies.

10. Iceland: Iceland is the 10th most educated country in the World with a very good literacy rate.

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