Mizoram And Meghalaya Top India in Women Equal Opportunity To Work- Jobs for women

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India has the 48.5% Female Population (as per Census 2011). Mizoram and Meghalaya are the two states in the country with the least gender gap, according to McKinsey Global Institute’s (MGI) “The Power of Parity: Advancing Women Equality in India” report. India literacy rate is measured for all states. It has the effective literacy rates (age 7 and above) in 2011 were 82.14% for men and 65.46% for women.

“The gender parity in the two northeastern states, along with that of Kerala, Goa, and Sikkim, are roughly in line with that of Argentina, China, or Indonesia, the report says”. The Indian Education system is unique and now girl education is promoted by the Government all over the country.  Gender Parity Index (GPI) is a socioeconomic index usually designed to measure the relative access to education of males and females.

More Information for Women Empowerment & Gender parity in Education:

In India,Bridging the gender gap will have huge economic impact in country. As per McKinsey report: 

  • Gender parity to add Rs 46 lakh cr to India’s GDP in coming years.
  • The report said about 70% increase in GDP would come from raising India’s women labour-force participation rate from 31 per cent now to 41 per cent in 2025.
  • In contrast, Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh have been grouped as India’s bottom five states on gender parity by MGI.

The situation in these states is to be properly monitored. The report says the top five states account for just 4% of the country’s female working-age population, while the bottom five comprises a much larger 32%.

India face extremely high inequality in girls on two of three dimensions — physical security and autonomy (sex ratio at birth and intimate partner violence). Child marriages is also to be stopped in all the states. The report, which analyzed 15 gender equality indicators across 95 countries in an attempt to quantify the economic potential of closing the gender gap around the world, used a new score —

McKinsey & Company India Reports for Indian States is :

“India Female Empowerment Index or Femdex — based on a subset of 10 of the 15 indicators for which data are available at the state-level in India.” Girl Education is important factor for Women which is proved by Kerala. It tops the list with a literacy rate of 93.91.

  • All five indicators related to work:  labour-force participation rate, professional and technical jobs, unpaid care work, wage gap and leadership positions.

“In terms of gender equality in work, just Meghalaya and Mizoram show parity. In case of gender equality in physical security and autonomy, Himachal Pradesh scores highest.”

Rajat Gupta, Director, McKinsey & Company India, said, “India’s share of women’s contribution to GDP is at 17 per cent, much lower than the global average of 37 per cent”.

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