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India Need To Focus On Education System – Mr. Arvind Subramanian Chief Economist Of India

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Mr. Arvind Subramanian (chief economic advisor) has said that India needs more graduates. He said that India will more graduates to maintain momentum of growth. For good future of our nation we need more graduate/ capable person. Our status of Higher education still is not as good. We need a very strong educational base to stand in front of others.

According to a report by Press trust of India Mr. Subramanian said, “In the last 10-20 years, India has grown very rapidly. The information technology and services sectors, which had slowed considerably in the last 4-5 years, have boomed. So, if India has to maintain its growth momentum, it has to be a powerhouse once again. If that has to happen, we have to be producing more and more graduates.”

When further asked about the private education sector Mr Subramanian Said “If we don’t have intellectual capital, we won’t be able to negotiate trade pacts. We need educated elites to have intellectual capital. Many big global companies want to come to India because the country has “a good higher education system”.

He Also Said, “Now, Google, Amazon, Facebook all want to come, and all of this would not have been possible had we not had a great system of higher education. Education has become a symbol of aspirations of India. Higher education has become the ultimate aspiration for middle class Indians.” However he only wants to say we need a strong base for our education system.

He said all the big companies want to visit India and do business in India and they need so many capable and strong people and of we does not able to provide that kind of capability that means our education system is failed. He also said good education needs a good base so it’s must to provide adequate attention to the Primary students


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