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Education Regulatory Environment is Tough in India- US Ambassador to India: Richard Verma

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Education and Skill Development enhancement by India & USA is always a strategic importance for both the countries. Im a Recent news,┬áthe US Ambassador to India Richard Rahul Verma has said, “that India and the United States have a huge potential in education, but the regulatory environment is “pretty tough” and needs to open up”

According to a report in Press Trust of India (PTI), Richard Verma said, “Education has been a huge force in my life and I always say, especially for India, it is a great equaliser in our society. Education is important in our bilateral relationship, between the US and India. But the education regulatory environment is really pretty tough (in India). We want to see more American universities here. We have to work towards that.”

More news on Indo-US relation in Education development 2015:

Both the governments of India and United States are advancing education and development cooperation. When asked about the Prime Minister’s commitment, Mr Verma felt that there is a need to think little more creatively about the scale of education demand in India.

According to his assessment, India would need more than 600 universities by 2020 and the universities of the US are “very much inclined” to set up their centres. “It has really increased dramatically.

At Present, India is the second largest contributor of international students to the US. We have so many areas of cooperation, we have been riding a bit of a wave since the US President visited here on Republic Day and Prime Minister (of India) went to Washington last September,” he included.

He further added that they never had such stronger bilateral ties in trade and economics, defense and security, space, climate, agriculture, clean energy as well as ocean exploration. Speaking on the relationship between the two countries, he said larger countries create a huge impact globally when they come together.

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