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Education Boards in India Planning to Introduce Common Exam Dates and Result Declaration

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There are many new Initiatives and decision are proposed by the education departments in India. Recently, the officials from the Ministry attended a meeting, where members of the Council of Boards of School Education were present. A Committee of over 55 education boards are participated in this Education department meeting. In this Important meeting, “It has been decided that the committees will try to make out a plan for introducing a common core syllabus, question paper patterns, teacher training and common exam schedules in the Indian states. 

More Information on Common exam Time Tables and Results dates Proposal:

The committee consisted of Chairmen of various boards and members of the National Council of Educational Research and Training.

As per Reports, for the first time all education boards in the country, under the ministry of human resource development, came up with a plan to introduce common practices, including exam schedules and declaration of results.

The committee will also explore ways to develop many new aspects:

  1. Common core syllabus for different education boards in the Nation.
  2. Common subject codes for most of the Subjects In all Boards.
  3. Unique Roll number patterns for the Board students in every states.
  4. This decision of common question paper pattern will ensure equal weightage is given to various components in exams to avoid inflation of marks.
  5. Tackling unfair means for all the boards to make it convenient for students as well as teachers.

Most of the school students in India, participate and compete in national-level exams. Four committees will be working towards creating a level-playing field for all. It has also been decided that the boards will Declare class 12th results by 31st May.  So, no student loses his/her chance of admission in national institutes. They are required to meet and submit their report before 31st December 2015.

Presently, some of the education boards follow a common question paper for maths and science. One committee will work out ways for common question paper across boards. The committee on teacher training will look at best ways for Knowledge building.

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