China is the largest contributor of MBBS doctors to India- Medical education

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The Medical Council of India provide quality medical education to all Indians through promotion and maintenance of excellence in medical sector. India is known for recorganized medical education, but still students used to migrate for Medical education like MBBS , MS, MD courses. The Medical Council of India currently fully recognizes 381 medical colleges, which are training to almost 50,078 medical students.

Chinese consumer products are common in India. And, now India also receives thousands of “made in China” doctors. China is today the largest contributor of MBBS doctors to India followed by Russia, Ukraine and Nepal, according to data collated by the National Board of Examinations, which conducts Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) screening tests in India.

More Details for MBBS doctors in India studied in Foreign Countries:

The FMGE is a voluntary entrance test introduced in 2002 as a qualifying exam for Indian students holding medical degrees from other countries and intending to practice medicine in India. The Medical Council of India (MCI) recognizes this exam in Indian States. China Ranks no.1 in contribution of MBBS doctors to India.

According to the FMGE test during 2012-2014:

  • About 11,825 Indian students, graduated in MBBS degrees from China.
  • 5,950 were from passed from the medicals schools in Russia.
  • And 3,163 doctors completed the MBBS from Nepal.
  • The rush for foreign destinations is fuelled by those who fail to get admissions in Indian colleges.
  • More than 5 lakh Indian aspirants for MBBS each year, but only 4500 get seats in government colleges.

While UK, Germany and Singapore attract candidates, the numbers are comparatively smaller than those who go to China and Nepal for European institutes are costlier. The number of doctors who train in countries like China and Russia has risen sharply in recent years, but they must clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) for provisional or permanent registration with Medical Council of India or any state medical council. The calibre of doctors who trained in these countries isn’t on a par with those qualifying from Indian institutions.

The National Board of Examinations that conducts the FMGE ranks foreign universities or medical institutes on their candidates’ performance in the screening test. While the government plans to increase PG seats in AIIMS in some super-specialty departments in a few key institutes, including AIIMS and other top govt colleges, there are no such plans for basic MBBS courses.

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