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United States of America is always a best destination for Higher Education. India is Hub of talent, but also witness brain drain to west. As per the recent Open Survey, by International Educational Exchange & Research, it is lighten-up that Most of the Indians Prefer USA for Education. There is huge increase of 30% in India scholars to USA, which is a record in Recent Decades. As we all know, USA is a Home for World’s Top most Universities with Best Facilities, Research possibility and Scholarships.|

Indian students are increasingly choosing United States as preferred destination. Recently, the US Ambassador to India said “that India and the United States have a huge potential in education”.

More info on Indian Students in USA for Higher Education Engineering, MS, MBA:

Indian Students are moving towards western countries for Higher Studies. Most of the Students prefer America, Australia, UK and Canada for the Higher Education and research works. About 3.6 Billion dollars is contributed by Indian in the economy of USA by getting admissions in the colleges of America. Still, China is at top with 11% increase in sending Students to America.

As we all know, USA, India and China are world’s Top Economies. In a Recent report, for 2014-15, India and china, Jointly increases the no. of International students by 67%. In US Higher Education, about 45% share is jointly in the name of India and China. In the States of Texas, California, New York, Massachusetts, there are Thousands of Indians are studying MBA, MS, Engineering, MBBS etc.

At Present, India is the second largest contributor of International students to the US. As we all Know, larger countries create a huge impact globally when they come together.

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