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Schools in India are Just like Factories Churning out Products- Madhavan Nair: Former ISRO head

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Indian Education system is totally depends on School education. Recently, in a scathing censure of the country’s educational system, eminent scientist G. Madhavan Nair said that, “Indian schools are mostly like factories that churn out students even as he called for renewed thrust in the fields of science and research.”

Nair also pointed to China to stress on the need for quality research as he said that the neighboring country has “overtaken us many-fold” in this area. Slamming the present way of teaching at schools that encourages rote learning, the former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said that school syllabi need to be changed in India.

Mr Nair told PTI in Hyderabad, that children should be encouraged to directly engage in laboratory experiments while teachers, too, have to be trained to motivate the students. “The children are dealt with like almost in a factory.

More details for Education system in India & Activities:

There are lakhs of Government & Priviate schools in Indian States. India Reasearch & Design activities in the country are limited as most of them are supported by the government. Children come in and they go through speedo-trip (sic) programme and come out with ‘A’ or ‘A+’ (grades) whatever it is, which has no meaning in terms of knowledge,”

  • Need for exposing school students to the challenges of science and technology and fostering the scientific temper in them.
  • A large number of universities have come into existence, but, unfortunately, none of them are carrying out any serious work in research.
  • There should be some incentive package for those who want to pursue (a career in) science and technology.
  • Some of the labs are doing extremely well but, unfortunately, government funding has remained static over the years.

Stressing that research culture has to start from the university-level on-wards, Mr Nair, however, said that there is a general feeling that after five years spent to earn a PhD, students do not even get proper placement in jobs. As a result, he added, children head for “other well- paying jobs”.

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