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  • Only 4.5% Population in India is Graduate or Above- Higher Education Census in India

Only 4.5% Population in India is Graduate or Above- Higher Education Census in India

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India is a knowledge hub from Centuries. Now, in modern era, education in India is Getting Vast and Advanced. But, as per the recent reports, Only 4.5% of the population in the country is educated upto the level of graduate or above while a majority of 32.6 percent population is not even educated upto the primary school level.

According to the refreshed census data on literacy, workers and educational levels, released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, literate population who are presently attending any educational institution in the country, below primary occupies the major share of 32.6 per cent. The current literacy rate of India is about 74.04%.

More Details on Indian Literate Population & Education policy:

The Literacy rate of India or any country reveals its depth in the Society & its values. During the decade 2001-11, improvement is observed at middle and above educational levels and decline in percentage share at lower levels (below-primary and primary). The improvements at higher educational levels are indication of educational advancement in the country during the decade 2001-11. Kerala is the most literate state in India, with 93.91% literacy.

The data collected in five major categories of literates namely literate but below matric/secondary, matric/secondary but below graduate, technical diploma or certificate not equal to degree, graduate and above other than technical degree and technical degree or diploma equal to degree or post-graduate degree have been released.

The Percentage Share of Literate Population in India are:

  • Below primary occupies the major share of 32.6%.
  • Followed by primary 25.2%.
  • The middle school education 15.7%.
  • Matric or Class 10th pass 11.1%.
  • Higher secondary i.e. Class 12th is 8.6%
  • And, most important, the Graduate and above are only 4.5%.

 This above data is distributed in the population with main workers, marginal workers, non-workers, marginal and non-workers seeking/available for work by literacy status and educational levels separately for total, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes population.

During the decade 2001-2011, there is an overall improvement in literacy status and educational levels of various types of workers and non-workers among total and SC/ST population.

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