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New Education Policy of India will Focus on Quality Education To All, says HRD Minister Javadekar

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Union HRD minister Prakash Javadekar has tried to clear apprehensions over the proposed New Education Policy (NEP) 2016, saying that it is just a draft for discussion and not a policy drafted by the Union Cabinet. As HRD has extended deadline for giving inputs to Draft New Educational Policy till 2016 for educationists, intellectuals and activists from various sections are debating over its impact.

Speaking at a function organised in Ruia College, Mumba, he said, “The draft of new education policy which is in public domain was prepared basing on the suggestions from people from various quarters. It is just a draft for discussion and not even a draft policy prepared by the Union Cabinet. Therefore there is no need to have apprehensions over NEP,”

More Details for New Education Policy (NEP) 2016 Draft for NEP Public Suggestion :-

Education policy is important for Indian Students. Alleging that some people with vested interests are spreading apprehensions over the new education policy, Javadekar said, that the government will not tinker with Constitutional provisions and minorities rights.

Draft education policy for discussions was prepared after receiving suggestions from lakhs of people. Some vested interests are creating apprehensions among minorities that NEP will tinker with Articles 29 and 30 of the Constitution, which guarantees certain rights to minorities, which is not true.

  • HRD extended the deadline for receiving suggestions till September 15, 2016
  • Our motive is to provide ‘Sabko Shiksha aur Achhi Shiksha‘.
  • Sabko Shiksa is mostly achieved, but we want to focus on Achhi Shiksha, quality education.
  • New education policy is for improving quality in education.
  • Education policy is  for national interests and not for political interests.

The purpose of education is to inculcate a sense of scientific reasoning among students and evolve them as citizens with values.

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