MP Government to Give Smart Phones to College Students with 75% Attendance

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Madhya Pradesh state is among one of the Big states in India. In a Recent announcement, Madhya Pradesh higher education department may soon distribute smart phones to students in government colleges who have 75% attendance record.

This revelation was made in the state assembly by minister of state for higher education Deepak Joshi, while he was replying to a question by Congress MLA Nishank Jain. This Declaration of Smart Phones is made in reference via BJP manifesto in 2013 assembly election.

MP Government is working with the best Education policy for the students. According to this manifesto, it had promised smart phones to hard-working and committed students of government colleges. An approval for this was moved by the higher education department on 9th September, 2014.

More details on smart phones distribution to MP college Students:

MP has hundreds of colleges across its various districts. Madhya Pradesh is having a good track records in best Results in colleges. During question hour, Congress MLA Nishank Jain asked:

  • Why after the approval and financial sanction, smart phones have not been distributed in the government college in his assembly seat in Ganjbasoda.
  • He also said that, students attending state-run colleges in adjoining constituencies in Vidisha district have also not received their smart phones. “By when is the government planning to give smart phones to students?”

In reply to this question related to Students’ Smart phones, minister of state higher education Deepak Joshi specified that:

  • The policy is to give smart phones to students with 75% and more attendance in the colleges.
  • Tenders were issued for implementing this policy, but due to some technical error, it has been delayed.
  • Procedure for smart phone distribution will be re-started and soon the mobile phones will be distributed.
  • Also, the 2015-16 semester is ongoing and 75% attendance cannot be determined mid-term,” Joshi said.

Also, an issue raised by the Congress MLA asked about senior students who in the meantime have graduated since the policy was announced. “During this delay, many students have graduated from colleges.

Deepak Joshi replied that, all students of government colleges who have 75% attendance since the announcement of the scheme will get smart phones, and that no one will be deprived.

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