Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Plan On Primary School In Indian States

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The Primary School is very important for the basic education level in the Country with Huge Population like India. Indian Government and business Tycoons are interested in upliftment of Indian Education. Also, Personalities from Many countries are trying to develop the Education in the world. Mark Zuckerberg is a computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur from America. FaceBook is the Most Prestigious Social Networking Sites.

On 23rg October, Facebook billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg and his doctor wife revealed plans to start a private school in the world. He started from hardscrabble Silicon Valley town, mixing education with health care. Priscilla Chan works as a pediatrician and has also been a teacher, seeing first-hand how poor health hinders learning in classrooms. Health and education are closely connected. When children aren’t healthy, they can’t learn as easily.

According to the Mark Zuckerberg, “He considers India a “temple” of knowledge from where he took inspiration to rebuild Facebook”. Chan has been working over the past year with the community to combine early-childhood through  education with pre-natal support and on-site healthcare for children. Primary Schools in India are nuturing kids for future. By bringing healthcare and education together in one place, the goal is to support families and help children from under-served communities reach their full potential. It’s inspiring to see Priscilla grow as an entrepreneur and leader.”

Zuckerberg and Chan began pumping $120 million for Primary schools.  Distribution of the money is being spread over five years, with initial grants going toward initiatives for providing computers and internet access in public schools as well as training teachers and en-listing parents in efforts to keep students on track.

“Improving public education in our country and our community is something Priscilla and I really care about, he said. More than five years ago Zuckerberg channeled $100 million to improve schools in the Developing Countries.

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