Maharashtra Government Is Ready To Bring Down The Burden of School Bags

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Maharashtra Government Is ready to bring down the burden of school books of Kids. The deadline is also set by government, they advise to all the schools to reduce the weight of books by November 30.

According to press report, government resolves the issue of education department. They also set a deadline to implement this rule as soon as possible. According to rules, the schools bags should not weight more than 10 per cent of the weight of the student. The prescribed weight of the bags for students of classes 1 to 8 is between 1,800 gm and 3,425 gm.

Parents should ensure that these rules must be followed by the Schools. Government also said that we need to increase the use of e-learning it will really a better option for the students. E-learning makes study more interesting and also reduces the weight of school bags.

It’s a great move by Maharashtra Government to reduce the burden of books and increase the level of study and e-learning is the best solution for both of these problems.


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