Indians are 3rd Largest Group of International Students at Yale University

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Thousands of Indian students choose foreign countries for Higher Education. They Prefer USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Japan for the Best. Recently, a Report says that, Indian form the third largest group of international students at Yale University. There are about 165 Indians not counting Indian-Americans enrolled right now and together, Indian citizens in Yale claim about 3.6 million dollars of financial assistance every year. Of these 165 students, 40-45 are undergraduates and the rest graduate students.

Yale University president, the social psycologist Peter Salovey says, The “Yale community” alumni, parents of current students, general interested parties from India can be relied upon support. They channel of great students on our way. They help when Yale students come to India with placements or internships or research. Some in that community also help the university philanthropically.

More information on Indian Students in Yale University:

He was in the country to interact with this community and also to sign an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the private Ashoka University for collaboration. This is the one of only two formal collaborations between an Indian institution and Yale; the other MOU is with Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, which is part of the Yale-managed Global Network for Advancement Management. Yale is teaming up with a private university also.

Yale University Tie-ups & MOU with:

  • Ashoka University, Sonipat
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

“Most tie-ups with Yale are built from the ground up. Some group of faculty from Yale knows some group of faculty here or there’s collaborative scholarship,” says Salovey.

One of Ashoka’s founders, Ashish Dhawan, is a Yale alumnus. In Singapore, Yale has collaborated with the government.

The India Initiative and India-Yale Parliamentary Leadership Programme are less than a decade old but the India connect is somewhat older. “We are the university with the longest standing study of Sanskrit in America. There was always a Sanskrit scholar at Yale.

Most frequently in religious studies or linguistics and there are students:

  • Several Indian languages – Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil – are taught too.
  • And there are faculty positions “where the occupant is somebody who’s going to be interested in India” in several fields including anthropology, political science, comparative literature.
  • Consequently, the number of Indian students in Yale has grown considerably over the last decade and is the third largest group of international students, after China and Canada.

Yale has a policy of admitting “in the need-blind way” recruiting the talented even if they don’t have the means to pay – and a large number get full funding. An average student from India receiving scholarship support from Yale is getting US$ 60,000 in a year in order to pay for an all-in cost bill.

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