Meet The Four Brand Ambassador of Digital India campaign

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Meet the four brand Ambassador’s of Digital India: –

Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally Select 4 people as ambassadors of “Digital India” Campaign. In July 2015 Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiate Digital India campaign to ensure that government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure. On Tuesday the names of four ambassadors were released.

What is digital India?

Digital India is an initiative of the government of India to ensure that government service are made to available to citizens by improving online infrastructure by increasing internet connectivity. It was launched on 1 July 2015 by Narendra modi. For this a two way platform created where both service providers and the consumers stand to benefit.

 Four Digital India Ambassadors are: –

  1. Ankit Fadia: he is self-proclaimed ethical hacker His work mostly involves OS based tips and tricks, proxy websites and lifestyle.Ankit fadia
  2. Satwat Jagwani: he is the Topper of All India IIT-JEE topper. He is just only 17 year old boy from Madhya Pradesh. He got 496 marks out of 504.   satwat-jagwani-iit-topper-2015
  3. Krati Tiwari: She is the Girl’s topper of IIT JEE Advance Examination of 2015. She is from Indore and personally picked by the President of Digital Marketing ambassadors.Krati tiwari
  4. Pranav Mistry: – he is the Global Vice President of Research at Samsung and the head of Think Tank Team. He is best known for his work on Sixth Sense.Pranav mistri

The Statement further added that Service of these ambassadors will be used when it’s required.

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