European Union to Enhance Cooperation with Indian Universities- EU with India

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The European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. It is widely called as EU. EU is very keen to establish the EU strong Relation with India. With maximum youth population in India, it has become one of the countries with maximum human resource. To tap the potential of Indian students, European Union has announced that they are keen on enhancing cooperation with Indian universities and welcoming more students to get resources available to Foreign. This announcement was made by Cesare Onestini, deputy head of EU delegation to India on 26th October.

More Details forĀ links between Indian and EU Universities:

The minister and deputy head of the mission, EU Delegation to India and Bhutan, was addressing representatives from varsities across Delhi during a workshop on collaborative links between Indian and EU Universities at the inter- institutional level. The EU delegation to India organized a series of workshops in India for higher educational institutions to discuss participation opportunities in EU-funded programmes.

  • First workshop was organized in the national capital Region,Delhi.
  • The remaining two Workshop two will be in Pune and Chennai.
  • Cooperation between universities will support India at worldwide developments, ensure that Indian and European qualifications are equally recognized and valued,” said Brian Toll, senior policy adviser, International Cooperation in Education and Youth, EU.

Concerns about the disparities in the credit transfer system between India and EU nations for few programmes were also raised during the workshop.

  1. EU has a credit transfer system on the lines of that in India.
  2. For a Master’s degree course, EU has a duration of one year, so, Indian students are apprehensive about the acceptability of the degree in India.

“We have raised these concerns with the HRD ministry as well and the qualification recognition issue is being deliberated upon,” said Furqan Qamar, secretary general, Association of Indian Universities.

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