Education & Job Satisfaction Will Help To Grow India – Ratan Tata

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On 6 December, The Tata Trusts has revealed that it will be team up with US-based non-profit, Khan Academy to provide free education to Indians.

On December 6, the Tata Trusts has revealed that it will be collaborating with US-based non-profit, Khan Academy to provide free online education to Indians.

According to the Press Reports, Ratan Tata said, “Education, job approvals are issues that will help reduce prejudice because it will be replaced by knowledge. We’ve to work together and live together for the better future of our country.”

Free Online education is modern way of education it will start a new era of education. Khan Academy has created a model which provides free online education to everyone. So it’s a great opportunity for us to do something different and it will help us to move forward.

The founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, said “Indian students already use Academy’s content but it is now in the process of creating specialized content in English and Hindi for the benefit of India. The Tata Trusts has been supporting education for over a century now, which involves giving grants, providing scholarships for students going abroad for studies etc.”

“This idea will make a huge change in Indian education system .This idea is also named as “delusional”. It will be based on standards set by the National Council of Education Research and Training (N.C.E.R.T). The content will be created in regional languages and more focus will be given to Mathematics and Science.” Added by Salman Khan

About Khan Academy: –

Khan Academy is a non-profitable education organization which was established din year 2006. Mr. Salman Khan is founder of this organization. The main aim of this organization is to provide free online education to everyone around the world.

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