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Education can Transform Lives & it is the Real Gift you can Give to any Child: VVS Laxman

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Education is the real gift, one can give to any child, says former India batsman VVS Laxman. he said in an event that, “education can not only transform their lives but enable them in transforming lives of others also”.

VVS Laxman said, We can give clothes, we can give food and we can give them lots of gifts, but all of them are very temporarily, but education is something which will transform their lives, will make them independent and they in turn transform the lives of their family members or their friends circle or whoever they get in contact with.

More details & information on VVS Laxman views about Education to children:

VVS laxman is one of the finest batting stars of Indian Cricket team. Speaking at an event of NGO ‘Project 511’, an initiative of Hyderabad Round Table 8 which announced ‘Food for Change’, a charity dinner as part of Daan Utsav, scheduled on 9th October. Laxman said, “I have known ‘Projec 511’ and the work they are doing with government schools in Hyderabad and others districts of Telangana.”

  • He said instead finding shortcomings of the government, one should come forward and help in improving the educational facilities at government schools.
  • I always believed that instead of complaining and instead of always looking at shortcomings of the government it is important to come forward and help in making sure that our city, our state becomes the best.

“There is no better satisfaction than giving. What our country requires is not selfish people but we require selfless people. The members of ‘Project 511’, they are inspiration and they are working to change the future achievers of this country, who are the underprivileged children studying in government schools,” said Laxman.

Note- ‘Project 511’ is an NGO working to improving quality of education imparted in government schools and is now associated with 1,022 government schools.

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