DUs Hansraj College offering skill-based training courses

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Hansraj College of Delhi University has ready to set up five new centers of skill development and entrepreneurship. These centers will offer so many different courses in different centers. “These five centers would be run by a set of collaborators at the college with courses varying from week duration to six months,” said acting Principal of Hansraj College, Rama Sharma.

According to press report, the five centers are Centre for Social Change, Center for Innovative Ideas, Center for Environment Awareness, and Centre to Promote Self Employment and Gandhi Bhave Study Center. She also said that students are showing their interest in computer or media courses.

These days students are really so much interested in computer education so may be these classes will help them to know about computers.

About Hansraj College: –

Hans Raj College (HRC) is situated in Delhi, India. HRC is one of the oldest colleges in India founded in 1948. The college has produced notable alumni who are prominent leaders in their fields nationally and internationally.

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