Delhi High Court issues notice against use of DPS name and logo

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Delhi High Court issued a notice to the Delhi Government and CBSE. And replies have been required on the appeal by Harshpal Singh Sawhney and Rupesh Bhadoria claiming to be graduates of schools run by the DPS Society. Future Hearin g on this will be held on 8 january 2016. Sunil Roy also claims that his children study in one of the DPS Society School and he also alleged that DPS society was trading the name and logo to generate income.

Advocate Anil Airi, appearing for the activists, said that this practice amounts to “commercialization of education” and was a damage of CBSE rules and affiliation bye-laws. The request has been filed by the advocate Imtiaz Ahmed and he has required a review into the nature of contracts and dealings between educational societies and franchisee of schools. A request to take suitable action against them has also been made.

It has been claimed that DPs society generate a huge profit around 30 to 35 Crore Annually from its franchisee schools. They take huge amount of money as a maintenance cost from other DPS Schools. Also it has been detected that the DPS society charges Rs 25 lakhs for use of its brand name and logo.

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