CBSE Board Exams 2017: Student Reviews and Tips for better preparation and Results

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Central Board of Secondary Education Delhi conducted Examination For student of class 12th on Thursday. Nearly about 2 lakh students appeared for examinations from delhi.

In History exam, Students and Teachers say that the exam was “easy”. The questions were mostly direct and from the syllabus.

The exam was easy and most question were direct and derived from the syllabus, the exam was not lengthy so all the student were able to finish the exam in the given time with falling short, as said by teachers from government school.

“The question paper was easy and was balanced; there were not complexity in the question paper or in the pattern” as said by Student of class 12.

Overall it was an easy paper; the questions were mainly from NCERT Books. Students are expecting very good scores in their exam results.

In Mathematics Exam, the question paper was lengthy but after solving the question paper the opinion of the students was mixed. The overall design contains 5 easy levels, 17 medium levels, and 7 difficulty level questions. The question paper is easy as compared to previous year question paper which was tougher. The questions were made mostly out of NCERT Books.

Exams were started on March 9 and will go on till April 29. Over 10 Lakh students are appearing in the examinations of Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE; more than 2 Lakhs students are from Delhi.

Tips from CBSE Students  :

Board examinations are the moments of stress but some take it as opportunity and some cannot. Here are some tips for preparing for the Board Examinations:-

  1. Make Proper Time Table and Follow it.
  2. Properly Manage Time.
  3. Make Preparation Plan.
  4. Refresh Your Brain by any outdoor Activity.Subscribe Here for more updates


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