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Bangalore University Trifurcated in three campuses- Bangalore University Trifurcation Bill passed

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The state cabinet of Karnataka approved the Bangalore University Trifurcation Bill along with the jurisdiction of each of the newly formulated universities. The bill for regulating the unwieldy extent of BU has been pending since the BJP was in power.

In future, students of Bangalore University, which has around 600 colleges affiliated to it, need not go to its Jnana Bharathi campus to sort out issues related to academics and admissions. Last week, in a special gazette, the state government notified the trifurcation of BU.

More details for Bangalore University Trifurcated in three campuses:

Affiliation of colleges to these 3 universities of BU has been determined on the basis of the assembly constituencies that will come under their jurisdiction. Students have to check the affiliated with all information for their university in the state of Karnataka.

  • Bangalore South/Rural University.
  • Bangalore Central University.
  • Bangalore North University.

The three new varsities will be Bengaluru University that will continue functioning from the BU’s existing campus at Jnana Bharathi; Bengaluru Central University that will function from Central College and Bengaluru North University that will be established near Hoskote.

The existing 600 colleges in BU will get affiliated to these three universities based on their respective legislative assembly constituencies. For the two new varsities, two new VCs will be appointed. A special officer appointed by the state government will take necessary steps to establish Bengaluru Central and North universities.

It is to noted that- In February 2015, a subcommittee headed by the then higher education minister RV Deshpande disclosed that BU will be split into four varsities, but, later the cabinet approved trifurcating BU.

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