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ATPI and CII Launched Web Portal for Students- Single Platform to facilitate Better Internship and Placement

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Indian students are proving their talent in every sectors.The Association of Technical and Professional Institutes (ATPI) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) have joined hands for the first time to create a single platform to facilitate better internship and placement offers to the students.

APTI and CII set platform for internship and placement in 2016:

The training and Interernship is always important for the proper grooming. To achieve this prospective, ATPI and CII have decided to launch a web portal in 2016.
  • ATPI is the association of private engineering colleges comprising more than 300 colleges of the states.
  • We have a big pool of talent. To catch them young, industry and academic linkage is very much important. This is a crucial step towards achieving that goal,” said BS Yadav, ATPI secretary.

Industries are always in need of talented students. It has been noticed that there was no organised platform for students to know about the Internship opportunities in India. Either the colleges were sending students for internship or students themselves were finding opportunities on their own. In this situation, students were moving out of their state in the search of opportunities and several of them did not come back.

With these internship process, Yadav said, the level of training will improve. Now, As many as 1,000 industries will be added to the portal. The portal will help students in finding job opportunities. Despite having good demand in these industries students were not able to grab any opportunity as there was no platform to keep them posted on the issue,” he said.

This portal will be a boon for the professionals. As per details from the official sources, all the Alumni will be also added to this portal. “Several students, after passing their degrees has started working in other parts of the world and they wish to come back. However, there largely remain unaware about the opportunities available. Check more information and details at www.cii.in.

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