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28 percent Increase in Indian Students enrolled in USA for Studies in Various Courses

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Every year, Indian students take admissions in various countries around the world. As per the recent data, till July 2016, 192723 candidates from India took admission in different Institutions in United States. And, this figure is increased by 28.5 per cent in last one year.

The United States of America or USA witnessed a huge increase of Indian students, approximately 28 per cent in the last one year, to reach nearly 2 lakh, according to an official report. But, Indian students trailed their Chinese counterparts, who topped the list in US admissions at 323186.

More details on the Abroad Admissions by the Indian Students in 2016:

As per a report by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 192,723 candidates from India took admission in different institutions in the United States till July 2016. Indian took Admissions in many different courses related to science, technology, engineering, management, etc.

  • There is an increase of just 7.2% in the number of Chinese students studying in the US in the last one year.
  • Around 1.11 million international students with ‘F’ (academic) or ‘M’ (vocational) status studying in the US, according to a report based on real-time data extracted from Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), part of the US Immigration.
  • All F and M students from India, a massive 83% pursue degrees in STEM- science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • US schools also witnessed a sharp increase of 5.5 per cent in the enrollment of students, compared to July 2015, as per data from Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) on 7th July.
  • In July this year, there were 8,673 US schools with SEVP certification to enroll international students.
  • 42% of international students studying in the US, equaling almost 467,000 individuals, were enrolled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) coursework, an increase of 15.2% from July 2015.
  • From Asia, approximately 407,000 international students pursued STEM studies, showing a growth of 17% since July 2015.
  • In all, Asia accounted for 856,681 students an increase 6.6 percentage.

Most STEM students are from India, whereas 68% of all F&M students who choose mathematics and statistics coursework are from China.

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